Conditions of sale

In addition to the goods, prices include standard packaging which is normally in wooden crates in accordance with the company standard.

VAT, transport, assembly, installation, connections, etc.

Orders sent to AGMA are considered accepted only after the order confirmation has been sent and in accordance with the terms and conditions therein. For justified reasons and/or force majeure causes, AGMA reserves the right to change the delivery date previously agreed at any time, notifying the customer promptly. No alterations or cancellation of orders are accepted after two days from when the order confirmation has been sent. After this date all the elements contained in the order confirmation are considered approved and accepted. In the case of orders transmitted by phone, the description in the order confirmation is binding. In the event of late payment the company reserves the right to not fulfil orders in production even if they were accepted at an earlier stage, without the obligation to give any notification to this effect.

The delivery term is normally 2 to 3 working weeks from receipt of the order; the order confirmation gives the expected date. By the term delivery we mean the goods ready for shipment at AGMA factory. Under no circumstances penalties can be requested to AGMA for delays in deliveries unless previously agreed and accepted by the company when the order has been placed. AGMA will proceed automatically issue the invoice for the ordered goods after 15 calendar days from the goods availability, even if they have not been collected. In any case, payment rights and the reimbursement of storage expenses will start from this date.

Goods are understood to be delivered ex works AGMA factory. Upon request, and only with the company’s acceptance, the goods may be sent to the customer, and in this case freight expenses will be charged in the invoice. Complaints over goods damaged during transport are accepted only if the transport has been paid by AGMA. The goods must be checked after unloading and any damage found has to be reported immediately to the carrier.

With the purpose of constant improvement and technological progress, AGMA reserves the right to make changes to its production and to this price list without prior notice.

According to agreements. All expenses concerning payments (stamps, bank charges, etc.) will be charged in the invoice.

Late payments shall automatically lead to interest on arrears at a rate of 1.0% each month.

The goods are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 6 months from shipping date. Any component partto be replaced has to be transported and set by the purchaser. The guarantee is only valid for the first purchaser of AGMA and may not be requested by third parties. The guarantee does not include damages deriving from poor installation, incorrect maintenance and/or improper use. The parts replaced under guarantee do not normally have to be returned. However, in the case of expensive parts or parts that require technical examination of the fault, the part will be billed when dispatched and credited upon receipt of the faulty part, only if the defect is covered by guarantee. Under no circumstances a complete replacement of the appliance can be requested. The guarantee is granted according to the manufacturer’s irrevocable judgement. Returned goods are not accepted unless authorised beforehand. Returned goods must reach the company carriage free unless otherwise agreed and shall be packed in the original packaging or, if this is no longer available, by an equivalent way.

All disputes shall be settled solely by the Belluno court of law.

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